Aputure Lantern with Barndoor (90cm)

Aputure Lantern with Barndoor (90cm)

The Aputure Lantern 90 is an omnidirectional soft light modifier spanning 90cm or 3 feet in diameter. Building upon the same design as the classic Aputure Lantern, the Lantern 90 pairs the same quick-build system with an even larger surface area to provide an even softer volumetric lighting solution. At 90cm, the Lantern 90 has the same diameter as Aputure’s Light Dome II modifier, with even more diffused surface area, allowing the Lantern to instantly light up large spaces. The lantern design also remains one of the fastest soft light modifiers to set up, making it perfect for fast-paced shoots, whether used as a key light or an ambient fill light. The Lantern 90 also matches the original Lantern by being one of the only omnidirectional modifiers on the market to include a fully adjustable hook-and-loop fabric light control skirt, making eliminating light spill incredibly simple. With its Bowens Mount, the Lantern pairs well with the high output Point Source lights, like the Aputure LS 600d Pro, as well as all of Aputure’s other Bowens Mount lighting fixtures, including the LS C300d II, LS 300x, and LS C120d II.

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  • Brand: Aputure
  • Product Code: 26.LANTERN90
  • Availability: 1
  • $45.00
  • Ex Tax: $40.91

Product Features:

900mm Diameter, Bowens S-type mount

Absorbs 1 stop, 270 deg beam spread

Comes with skirts to control light radius

Use on LED or studio flashes

Quick & easy set up and quickly packs away

Includes carry case

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