Xlite Elinchrom Speedlite Softbox Adaptor

Xlite Elinchrom Speedlite Softbox Adaptor

The Xlite Elinchrom Speedlite Softbox Adaptor features a very similar compact and lightweight design as the S-type Bracket. Hotshoe flashes as well as the larger flash like the Godox AD200 and 360 units are simply clamped in place by the flash head.

The Xlite Elinchrom Speedlite Softbox Adaptor will mount all Elinchrom softboxes and modifiers, as well as pop up Ezybox style softboxes mounted over the outer lip of the bracket and there is an umbrella mount built in as well. it is made from hardened plastic (with a metal insert in the light stand mount) and will support small to medium softboxes quite easily, but the larger softboxes available these days should be mounted with caution.

The Xlite Elinchrom Speedlite Softbox Adaptor is part of a new breed of speedlite brackets, supporting the flash directly via the flash head. This reduces any stress on the flash foot, and any radio triggers attached, which in turn reduces the chance of damaging them or unreliable connections with the triggers. As well as creating a more compact bracket to transport.


  • Compact
  • Universal
  • Hot Shoe Access
  • Less chance of damage to Hot Shoe mount

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